The United States has often been lauded for its dedication to children’s health. Medical Insurance has often been extended to children as part of their parents’ or caregivers’ existing policies. Many Americans are wondering how the recent attempts at healthcare reform by federal lawmakers will impact young people. This is an important question for millions of Americans who have young children at home. Of course, the answer is still evolving, but there are a few aspects of the issue that we can describe with greater certainty. Here is a basic overview of what you can expect from reform in regard to young people.

Under recent healthcare reform laws, Medical Insurance coverage for children is expected to increase overall. That is because more people of limited financial means are expected to be covered by insurance, and this will also add their children to the insurance rolls. As a result, the rate and extent of pediatric care are intended to increase. Likewise, parents will find it easier to afford basic care for their children. Naturally, emergency care will continue to be available in the event of serious, acute issues — but this kind of care may not be covered. Preventative care is the key to health!

There is also another important issue that changes long-standing traditions in Medical Insurance. Under the new reform laws, parents will be able to keep their children on their insurance policies much longer than was possible before. Throughout the history of modern medicine, it’s often been the case that children could be covered by their parents’ insurance only while they were “minors” — until the age of 18, or in some cases 21. One of the major changes in store with healthcare reform is the decision to generally allow parents to cover their adult children. Children as old as 25 may be covered with a HealthCare Enrollment Insurance Plan.

All in all, healthcare reform is expected to result in a higher quality of care for young people. As more citizens are able to afford and buy into Medical Insurance, their children will hopefully be able to enjoy a more rigorous regimen of pediatric care early in life. This can be crucial in discovering potential medical issues and preventing them or starting the necessary treatments earlier. Health insurance will still be an important necessity for parents, but it should be easier than ever to maintain coverage for young people and also help young adults during their challenging transition into the workforce.

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